The Samsung Omnia 2 was a much expected follow up to the original Omnia.? The Omnia II from Verizon Wireless initially set some eye popping claims with its commercials showing how it set the world record for fastest texting (by 5 seconds!)

I was quick and eager to test the claim when the phone arrived along with the new interface that claims to make customization much easier then before.

From the first power up, the new UI (user interface) screams customization.? It has some cool and easy to use options with the new Samsung TouchWiz 2.0 and allows your favorite apps, such as Facebook, Weather, Messaging…etc to be located right on the sidebar.

I went right for the messaging feature to test the claims of the new “swype” keyboard.? Opening up the messaging application was very slow and took about 5 seconds to bring up, repeatedly after many trials.

The swype keyboard was just as the commercial claimed.? The gestures were unedited and could be reproduced; you just need to become acclimated yourself and that may take some time.

It has some cool UI features ontop of the sidebar such as the “cube” which places some frequently used icons on a “cube” that can be flipped and rotated to select whatever application you desire including improved multimedia programs.

The Omnia II gives a strong first impression with its powerful and sharp screen accompanied by some strong features and a new innovative way to text!? Pick up one at a store and see if it’s for you.