Our friends at Verizon Wireless were kind enough to send us one of their prime netbooks, the HP Mini 11.6″ 311.? It holds an Intel Atom processor with nVidia’s ION graphics series, a great combination!

Verizon threw along their data package into the netbook they sent so I had some fun playing around with this cool computer in the car (no I was not driving).? I’ve never thought netbooks were that useful or could ever hold any market share, but I might’ve been too quick to judge…

I was shocked on how quickly I got use to having a netbook.? I’m not much of a desktop user since I bought my first laptop, and my current 15″ Macbook Pro is a powerhouse machine with the options of portability, but a netbook could find a home in my arsenal of tech toys.

If you haven’t owned a “light” machine, try carrying around this netbook for a day.? I felt as if I had nothing in my pack and barely felt a burden on my shoulder.? The display on the notebook and overall construction made it felt durable, yet elegant and I was not worried about damaging the computer during transportation.

I was not a fan of the trackpad, HP glossy trackpads tend to be a bit slow for my taste, but the keyboard was the best of all mini computers!? I’d also like to point out it runs Windows 7 Home Premium and has a built in HDMI output!? The sheer inexpensive cost of the netbook makes it perfect for people on the go who are worried about damaging a $2,000 computer which has all their valuable information on it.? Take a netbook on the go and you’re still connected to the internet, have your full Microsoft Office capabilities and the ability to receive and send emails on a decently sized screen.

The pairing with the Verizon Wireless network on this notebook was the icing on the cake.? I could travel in and out of stores, shops, cars, buses and the connection didn’t fault once.? It was as easy as connecting to a home network but had the cool functionality to be connected everywhere!

If you’re looking to buy a netbook, I highly recommend you look at the HP Mini 311, it might be your next purchase!