Microsoft?s new search engine surely came as a surprise for some of us. Bing is the official name, it seems. What a weird acronym. In the quest to challenge Google, which has failed before, Microsoft brought out Bing. Just simply say it like you would the Google phrase: ?Why don?t you Bing it??

With Google?s popularity, the billions Microsoft invested are thought of as wasted billions. Google cannot be harmed. Without even thinking about it, people turn to Google for answers. No matter what, Google is at the top of the mountain.

Peter Sealey, a former chief marketing officer at the Coca-Cola Company, said Microsoft should have picked a name that more directly connotes search.

“Bing has no equity; it signals nothing,” Sealey said. “It is going to be an enormous expense to create an image for this thing called Bing.”

Microsoft?s thoughts about an opponent to Google are better than ever, as Microsoft is not allowed to buy Yahoo! The plans to build a strong search engine are to play copycat. Don?t tell Microsoft I said this, but I think Microsoft is referencing off of a lot of search engines for ideas. Especially: Cuil, Yahoo!, Google, Dogpile, kart00, and many more. As these ideas just appeared on Live search and now Bing, it gives evidence the ideas were referenced. Not to say that they were stolen, but just used as a reference for a good idea.