I’ve been hearing a lot about a new version of Microsoft Office…will it be any good and when is it out?? How can I demo the new Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft has been working hard to create a new Office Suite that can keep up with the changing times and more collaborative setting we face globally.? The new Office 2010 not only has these features, but also is impressive by how fast and quick it responds to user input.

Microsoft Office 2010 is in the beta form (which is available for download) but is rumored to be in the RTM stage.? In non-geek speak, RTM translates into release to manufacturer to start producing disks for the public.

Office 2010 has some key features such as simultaneous co-authoring tools to work on a document at the same time, online features to find your documents in web browsers, larger data handling operations (reflective of the size of the files we deal with daily) and other cosmetic and language features.? There is also improved file conversion features so it avoids that save to a lower year/file compatability garbage that Office 2007 received so much criticism over.

Office 2010 is slated to be released in April (27th) to large business and volume owners and as late as June to the shelves for most customers to purchase for their own computer.

I highly suggest you download the beta if you wish to see what the new software is like and start using it today to become familiar before it hits the stores to purchase!