Today I’m going to switch sides on my normal style of posting and ask the readers a question.? Many readers keep their computers updated with the latest operating systems so I felt maybe something that I haven’t found a viable option for may be found with the help of some of our advanced readers.

I upgraded my Dell XPS 1530 laptop to Windows 7 RC (7100) when it came out, and was thrilled with the look and ease of how it accepted drivers; I still have not found one component that should not be functioning like it should (driver or software).

The one problem I have been having with this upgrade is heat and fan noise.? Let me describe a bit more for people who feel they could be having a similar issue.? Whether I am using my laptop or just leaving it idle while I’m doing some other work, it seems to heat up rather quickly and stay that way unless I shut it down, or put it in a very cold environment.? I’ve tried disabling the wireless card as it is right underneath the touch pad where I feel the most heat but it does not do much.

I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed the same problem in their laptop devices.? Before when I had my computer loaded with Vista, I could leave it idle and I would not have to worry about it being hot when I came back; warm at best.? I’m considering loading Vista back onto the laptop to see if it fixes this heat problem.

Has anyone found any registry modifications to edit this problem or any suitable software enhancers or hardware parts such as a laptop cooler that work particularly well?

Thanks guys, I look forward to reading the responses!