AT&T is a competitive company that has never stopped engineering and innovating new products and ideas to push itself forward.? After long battles with Verizon over cutthroat ad campaigns, AT&T has stepped sideways and started growing in a new direction.

I was surprised to read some of the new technology that was coming out of AT&T earlier this week, but even more surprised that no other company had already started to do what they have planned.? Get ready for the future…

AT&T has announced it will allow users to receive phone messages or texts for when you forget to take your medicine.? With new specially designed pill bottles, AT&T will allow people to monitor when the bottle is open or closed and send reminders to take pills if the bottle goes un-open for that day or to refill prescriptions before the pills inside the bottle run out!

The fine folks at AT&T came out with a great product with the pill to phone capabilities but they were not done just yet…they took your family house hold pets into consideration as well.

Ever loose track of your dog?? Have a cat who loves to wander?? Why not put a SIM card in their collar and never forget where you placed them again!? No specs on a collar have been released but at the end of this year, you should be able to get a designed collar or device for your pet to track their location as if you are tracking a cell phone.? There is no word if the animal will be able to make or receive calls/texts/pics with other animals.