Network Performance Daily provided the promised “Commentary by Detective Mark Lounsbury“. Also very interesting today was the link from the SunbeltBLOG to the Norwich Bulletin summary of the school board meeting on Tuesday, January 23, 2007, entitled Norwich porn a fluke, expert says.

Indeed, it must be a “fluke”, a mere “technical glitch” when

“From August to October 2004, the district’s filtering system didn’t regularly add newly discovered pornographic sites to its restricted Web sites database.

Hartz said Norwich’s filtering software generally worked in 2004, but new offensive sites weren’t blocked partly because Symantec, creator of the school’s WebNOT computer filter, failed to send him a licensing certificate to activate the software’s updates feature.” {bold added}

I get it. It is Symantec’s fault, not the system administrator.

Also of interest: Unpaid Invoice May Have Led To School Pornography Incident (by way of Catherine, Flying Hamster, a great source of news items).