I tried downloading iTunes but when I try to install it and click the files I downloaded, it says it is incomplete and gives me an error that iTunes cannot be installed.? Please help me!!

iTunes has quickly become the most popular media player on the net, rising behind its product iPod.? Although its compatible with Windows machines, it does not always mean it does not cause conflict or installation problems.? If you are installing iTunes and hit a bump, getting an error of “iTunes cannot run because some of its required files are missing. Please reinstall iTunes”, see if this could be your fix.

At times, when iTunes is initially released, it does not have all the appropriate bugs worked out for Windows PC’s.? The common problem reported that the installation files are not all intact or certain files are missing could mean a conflict between QuickTime or that release of iTunes might not be ready for your system.

While some may suggest installing an older version of iTunes, that won’t do much as installing iTunes puts on the imbedded newer version of QuickTime released with that software.

One fix to try is putting on an older version of iTunes from here.? Select iTunes from the drop down list and and look towards some of the older releases.

Try removing QuickTime entirely from your machine before downloading the new files.? Go to your Control Panel, then Add or Remove programs and look for QuickTime.? Uninstall but do not reboot your computer unless prompted.? In your Program Files folder on your C:/ drive, locate QuickTime and delete the folder.? Once that is complete, delete the QuickTime and QuicktimeVR files located in the C:\Windows\system32\ folder.? Empty your recycle bin, reboot and retry!