I just installed iTunes again after I received the error the first time, but now I’m worried because whenever I start up iTunes or run a system scan with AVG, it says there is a problem with my iTunes in the files in this folder: C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.Resources\iTunes.dll and I can’t use my iTunes.? Did I lose my music or my player?? Should I delete iTunes?? Please help!

Welcome to the wonderful and confusing world of computers!? Just as there are there are some pieces of malware and spyware that can slip under the radar, there are some that are just too plain obvious and are just false reports.

In this case, the iTunes detection in AVG is an error on behalf of AVG but nevertheless they still are annoying and can cause some anxiety in some users.

Lets take care of this issue but it is almost certain that AVG makes its next update to take care of the problem.? By taking care of it now, you will be able to resume your iTunes use without these annoying errors!

I recommend uninstalling your iTunes if you’ve quarantined? any files or tried to delete any of the AVG files that were reportedly bad.the entire program might just be too “handled” to salvage.? After, download iTunes again from Apple and keep it on your desktop.

The next process we’re going to take is to actively add an exception into AVG while iTunes is installing so it does not cause an error or quarantine any files after the install has completed.? Open up AVG and in the Tools Menu, select Advanced Settings.? In Advanced Settings, on the bottom left, select the Exceptions tab and then start the iTunes install from your desktop.? Midway through the installation, add an exception in AVG with the Add Path:

C:\Program Files\iTunes

C:\Program Files\iPod

^By doing this, we “ignore” those folders thus protecting our files within them.? By the next update, AVG should have fixed this problem, but until then, adding these exceptions will allow you to use iTunes problem free!