bing-cashbackBing vs. Google…its become the new debate of search engines. Has Microsoft finally made a product that can compete with something released by Google? Many people have written off Windows Mobile (smart phone software) right after the release of Android…but I think there is one feature that Microsoft has done a great job with that Google will never be able to compete with until it offers a similar product.

Bing Cashback is Microsoft’s weapon against Google and it’s working. Have you explored what Bing Cashback can do for you?

Some users are still unaware what Bing Cashback is and what makes it such a great advantage over Google search. Bing cashback offers further savings on products you find using the Microsoft Bing search engine!

It’s a very simple process, just navigate to and search a product you’re looking to buy. In the top results, look for a gold $ sign and click on the link to be eligible for a % of cash back on your purchase. There are reports of users who reach as high as 30% cash back on their purchases!

Whenever I decide to make my purchases or even search for a product for that matter, Microsoft has definitely swayed my business over to them.? How about the rest of the users out there?? What is everyone else using?