I’ve been asked the iPhone vs. Droid question for quite some time and it truly does come down to “personal preference”.? I found two interesting posts made by other authors with one leaving the iPhone for an Android?and the other saying he can’t leave the iPhone.

Personally, I think it comes to a couple of points:

1) Device style- I truly think the Android devices out on the market rival the Apple iPhone in device style, display and hardware.? While the iPhone has the front facing camera, I think the Android platform has much better screen display as well as overall hardware?design.

2) Software- both again are equal, reliable and stable.

3) Apps- while Apple has Google outnumbered in this category, the scale is slowly shifting with Google growing exponentially due to the growing fan base…once again equal.

4) Company behind the phone- Apple or Google…two of the strongest in the Silicon Valley, except Apple did coward out of their latest blunder.

5)? Signal and Reception:? Probably the biggest difference here is the network both phones are on.? While Apple is still exclusive with AT&T, Android is not.? Verizon offers a wide variety of Android devices that obtain much better signal, service and internet experience in comparison to the iPhone on AT&T.? The clear winner here is Android phones.

So what would you choose?? If the iPhone came to Verizon, would it spell disaster for AT&T?