It looks as if the iPhone to Verizon is no longer a possibility in the near future due to information disclosed by both Apple and AT&T.

A contract signed by both parties until 2012 was shown to the public and meant to show that a possible iPhone for the Verizon network was not scheduled for 2010 despite all the latest chatter buzzing the tech community in past months.

For AT&T users, smile and be proud of exclusivity; Verizon users: turn to Google.

There is no denying that an iPhone to Verizon would’ve flourished, possibly more than it did on AT&T.? Such a move would not only boost customers on the Verizon network but analysts predicted the AT&T mobile market would take such a huge hit that they might not be able to recover from.

The iPhone on the Verizon network would’ve been sweet but there are other options with the sudden rise of Android and Google supported phones.? Recently, the HTC Incredible and Motorola Devour were put on the large network and have shown incredible popularity.? The Incredible is slim, has multitouch and a fabulous keyboard/battery life.? The camera is better then the iPhone and the entire case is much slimmer.? I’d endorse it as the best phone Verizon offers to rival such a smartphone from AT&T.

Blackberry is slated to announce and release their 6 OS on new phones which feature cooler looking multi-tasking abilities and who could forget about the sleek and sexy new Windows 7 phones!

Turn that frown upside down and check out some of the other up and coming stars in the mobile market when you head into your mobile provider’s store.? There might be a hidden gem you discover that doesn’t have an emblem of bitten fruit on it.