A new iPhone and iPod Touch application was launched this week that will revolutionize cell phone and wifi enabled hardware as we know it.? Cell phone providers better watch out, because this type of application is exactly what the industry fears will knock them out of business *if they don’t keep up*.

Line2 is the newest and latest app ready to set the standard norm for the new VoIP for cell phones feature.? For those who have iPhones and iPod Touch devices, this is one program you can’t afford to miss.

Ever wonder why your iPod Touch can access the internet, your emails, integrate with your calendar and contacts but why can’t it make a simple phone call?? Line2 changes everything, and lets even an iPod Touch become a working cell phone.

Line2 uses the wiFi settings on an iPod Touch to transmit telephone calls through the internet line and to a normal cell phone or land line reciever.? Best of all- it uses NO minutes even if you’re on an iPhone.? It gives you the option to have a second line if you’re on an iPhone that has a dedicated cell phone number.

Imagine having a second number to your iPhone that will allow you to setup a business line on your phone; give one number to your friends, the other to your clients.? With features similar to Google Voice, Line2 is a great addition to any device.? It even will switch over your phone call to WiFi if you decide to use the AT&T 3G internet coverage on an iPhone since the wiFi connection will be faster and stronger.

Line2 will not disconnect your VoIP call if you get another call to your iPhone line or if you are on an iPod Touch, it will allow you to do all your other features that the iPod offers along with making your phone call.? Calling another Line2 user?? Line2 automatically switches your audio quality to 16-bit which is super high audio sound for a phone.

Try it out, download the app, it’s $15/month after a 30 day trial, but for free calls and the ability to turn your iPod Touch into a cell phone…how can you complain at that price!