I have a iPhone and Outlook 2007 w/SP2.? I have subscribed to Mobileme to sync my calendar and contacts.? For the past month I can not receive emails in my outlook account while my iPhone is turned on, how can I fix this?

Seems to me like you have a settings issue in Outlook that can be cleared by revamping the email settings.? The setup you have seems to be a POP3 account and you’re looking to set it up with IMAP settings.? Here’s the difference:

POP3 will download emails straight to your phone or what ever device you have configured to (including a third party client for your computer) and then it will remove the email from the mail server.? In your case, it seems that your phone is storing the emails so your Outlook client will miss any emails downloaded to your iPhone.

The way to fix this would be to edit the settings to be IMAP.? IMAP downloads a copy of the email to your device or client and then leaves a copy on the mail server.? If a device decides to delete the email then it will also be emailed on the mail server if desired as well but you could delete the email off the device and choose the option to leave it on the mail server.

Try to edit the settings in Outlook by going to Start >> Settings >> Control Panel and then the Email Icon.? Click on Email Accounts and then change an existing account.? Edit the settings to IMAP settings and change the appropriate instructions for your phone as well.