Apple announced their new iPad 2 whch served as a replacement to the original predecessor iPad.

The new iPad 2 was not as big of an update as I thought it should be, which makes the original iPad a worthy purchase to look at now that their retail value will be coming down to remove stock for the new iPad 2.


The new iPad 2 is about 33% slimmer, which is a large number when it comes to size, but the iPad was originally pretty thin.? Any more slimmer and you might have trouble seeing this gadget on a chair, table or surface which could lead to some accidents.

The new product is lighter but only by a few grams, which once again, really is not something to get giddy about.


The new iPad 2 boasts a dual core 1Ghz A5 processor which beats out the A4 (single core 1Ghz).? The iPad 2 is a very fast machine and the new dual core will help it with the extra boost in RAM, but for most typical use of surfing the web or playing apps and games, it won’t be too much of a noticeable difference.

The techs at Apple stuck a front facing camera on on the top of the new iDevice with an upgraded 720P camera on the back.? This would be a great upgrade if Apple finally could allow people to Facetime chat over 3G or cell network rather than WiFi.? I’ve had my iPhone for almost a month and I still have yet to use Facetime.

The screen display is the exact same.? Isn’t it typically Apple’s trademark to upgrade the screens of their laptops and phones to something slimmer, smarter, sexier and sharper?? The screen on the original iPad was great, but if this is truly an upgrade, I expect a sharper screen with a higher resolution than the old 1024 X 768 IPS LCD.


iOS 4.3 has some upgraded features and apps such as Garage Band.? What Apple failed to market heavily on that software update, is how those new apps still cost money to buy!? There was nothing wrong with the old 4.2 iOS and I have yet to see anything substantially worthy of drooling over the upgraded software.


I support Apple computers and I have become a big believer that they make some impressive technology that is usually progressive.? In their last two releases with the new line of Macbook computers and now the iPad 2, I’m disappointed that these products were rushed to market without something to make them stand out from the previous upgrade.? Even new smart cases that come with the iPad, which automatically puts your iPad to sleep or wakes it up when you open the case, cost extra money and I am not willing to spend more on a device that barely saw much growth since its previous revision.