The new iPad HD was released this afternoon by Apple and I am not on board with the bandwagon that seems to be marveled by the newest Cupertino based offering.

The iPad boasts a new higher resolution, a faster processor and…well, that’s mainly about it.? The name hasn’t even been confirmed! Is it the iPad3, the iPad HD? It should be called the iPad2s, but Apple just has it as the ‘iPad’ on their website.? If I call into Apple support, do I get support for the newest generation of iPad even if I have the original iPad?

To quote a FoxNews article about the newest feature on the hardware refresh; the screen resolution:

“The evolved and improved screen should make text look smoother and some high-resolution pictures look better. But it probably won’t make much of a difference for images on the Web, or video. Still, the result should be absolutely gorgeous.”

Did they just say that it won’t make much of a difference on the web or the video?? How many of us really spent more time on their tablet or phone doing things other than surfing the web, or watching YouTube videos?? The new resolution will look sharp, have a nice display that minimizes wash outs from all angles, but I use my iPad mainly for the web interface, give me something for that.

Does anyone even have a clue where Siri went?? Tim Cook let an iDevice out without one of their biggest asset to their smartphone and tablet line up.? Sure voice commands are ‘cute’ on this, but my iPhone 4S has Siri and that is older than this new iPad, what if I have a question about where to eat, directions, a response to an email, after all, this is? 4G device.

The iPad “HD” is thicker (from the 4G), but still can retro fit into old iPad 2 accessories.? For those of you who are keeping a running count, we have a device that barely offers me significant improvement on its main use cases, does not include their voice concierge and now it is a little beefier too!? Would you notice the size increase with the naked eye…no, but it’s not any smaller, sleeker or sexier.

A faster processor is a waste of my money.? Angry birds, emails, calendars and streaming video does not require a quad core graphics chip.? They worked on a better camera which is perfect because that was a huge concern of mine when I was considering buying a digital camera or an iPad.

The best feature of the “new” iPad is not Apple hardware, or software. It’s a 3rd party supplied IPS panel.

I doubt Steve Jobs would have let this product go through.? For a product that is twice the price of some of its competitors, I could never sign off on an expense that big without significant improvement.