I have Internet lag spikes every 3min or more, not sure what the problem is or
how to fix it.? It just comes and goes and I’ve tried restarting my computer and it does not help the problem back.? What should I do?

One of the most overlooked issues with computers is the networking aspect.? Computers are mainly used for their connection to the Internet and are praised for their ability to communicate with others at blazing speeds.? If your computer has a lag in its Internet connection, there could be a couple different solutions to try out.? One should be able to solve your problem and get you back to flawless surfing without Internet lag spikes.

The first thing I always recommend to try is to restart your router/modem.? First, log off your machines that are connected to the router.? Next, shut off (usually a switch in back) the modem and then the router and unplug the cords running to both.? **Do not just throw the cords to the ground if you do not know how to connect them back- this will give you a bigger Internet problem then lag!** Count to about 15-30 seconds and re-plug the wires back into the modem and then router.? Restart your modem first and then your router.? Once they are all loaded *usually dictated by a certain color light (green for most)*, restart your computers and you should be back to a seamless Internet.

If that does not work, and you are using Windows XP with a wireless connection (which what it sounds like with the way you are describing your issue) try disabling Wireless Zero Configuration.? Open the command prompt (Start>Run>type “cmd”) and enter in:

net stop “Wireless Zero Configuration”

If that fails, connect to your modem directly bypassing your router to determine if you have a faulty router.

One of those proposed fixes will get you back to surfing without interruptions!