I can not get internet explorer to come up.? I downloaded Explorer 7 and Explorer 8, when I try to run them I get this error message. “Set up can not verify the integrity of the Update.inf file make sure Cryptographic Service is running on this computer.” The Cryptographic Service is running, I have tried everything posted and still can not run Explorer 7 or 8, please help.? Thank you in advance for your assistance.

When a browser refuses to open up, it becomes more of frustration than anything trying to get it to reappear!? While I’m not a huge advocate of Internet Explorer, *cough Mozilla Firefox cough*, try a couple of these steps to see if it will restore your internet surfing days.

One of the more common associations with this problem is a bad windows update or one that was never fully completed.? Look at your history and update log to check and see if there is one that may not have completed.? In your run command, type %windir%\windowsupdate.log and navigate towards the bottom to look at the most recent updates.

Another way to repair this issue is to look at the Cryptographic Service.? Go to your Start Menu >> Run >> type in “services.msc” and hit enter. Look for the Cryptographic service and right click the name.? Select start and check the settings to make sure the service is set to on/automatic.

I also did a bit of research behind this problem, and found some people finding assistance by “re-registering the DLL files that are associated” with the Cryptographic Service – check out the Microsoft help link here.

Good luck, I hope to see you browsing back on soon…and get Firefox!!!