I’m trying to present a document and contract for my boss but I want the presentation to look nicer and be more appealing then just a bland design.? Is there anyway to insert sounds into Microsoft Word? I know there is a function for that in Microsoft PowerPoint, but I want sound in my Word document.

Your presentation must be very interesting that it requires sound!? I’ve actually never found a situation where I needed to use sound, only pictures, in Microsoft Word but it is possible.

While there are ways to include sound into Word, I have some suggestions on different ways you could alternate your presentation to maximize aesthetic appeal and smooth design.

To insert sound into your Word document, simply use the Insert tab on your open document.? Select the Object option and select the file from your browse menu.? After you highlight the document, you are clear to hit OK.

I recommend looking at some other options for your presentation.? PowerPoint gets the point across with a much smoother flow while a personalized webpage has the option to display text and sound without any annoying icon located on the page that you would experience with inserting any sound object into Word.

If you were able to disclose some more information on what you are presenting exactly, we could make some more personalized choices and help you make an effective and powerful presentation.? Good luck!