Ever wonder how a hacker thinks and tries to find your password?? Getting in the mind of a hacker is the first line of defense to help you stay safe because if you can think like a hacker, you can know the best way to avoid the common mistakes.

Don’t make the mistake and think that you are not a target of identity theft or hackers because those who let down their defense are the prime targets for hackers.

Back a few years ago, $20 dollars could get you a full identity including social security and address on the black market.? Today, that same identity is worth about $.50-$1 due to the increase in supply.

Hackers start by observation.? They look at finding people who leave passwords at their desks, hints all over the place with post it notes on their cubicles and other giveaways.? Next they guess the obvious kids names, birthdays, anniversaries…etc.

Most people think splitting a word and adding a few numbers in it is special but for anyone who uses a brute force method (just guessing random dictionary words) it would take less then a minute to crack.? The best methods are random numbers and letters or a sentence such as “This Password Is Safe and No One Can Crack It” abbreviated to TPIS@n1cci.? Take the words and make them initials, anything after the “and” can be lower case and convert the number ‘one’ to ‘1’.? That type of password would take over a month with the same method and by that time, the hacker would move on to something easier.

Start changing passwords today!