I see all these deals in the flyers for External Hard Drives…what are they exactly?? Do they replace the hard drive in my computer?? Is it like a portable computer that I can take around and plug into a monitor and start using?? Are they important and do I really need to back up my data?? Thanks for your help in advance.

Trust your friends; get an external hard drive.? At some point or another, it will save your life; its a proven fact…I wish I had some user statistics on how many people have data saved by their external because it was mistakenly deleted or infected on their computer.

Unfortunately, I wish an external hard drive could do everything you said at the price they are offered at.? A portable computer that you can carry around and plug into any monitor that is the size of an external device is more like a mini PC but an external hard drive is still incredibly important.

An external hard drive is a hard drive that allows you to backup, copy and save your data on all of your computers.? The necessity of one is impossible to live without in the infected cyber world we browse in.? Most users utilize their external device to save copies constantly of their most heavily used/important data. Check out some of the top reasons why your next purchase should be an external device and how you can expect to use it!

1) Save hard drive space on your computer- back up home movies, pictures, music that take up a ton of room on your machine.

2) Secure those memories- preserve the pictures of your grandson or home movies of your children by making sure you have an extra copy if you delete the one on your main frame by accident

3) Save yourself from infection- the number 1 reason I think an external is necessary is because viruses kill hard drives and kill the data on your hard drive to the point where it becomes unrecoverable when trying to piece your machine back together.? Save yourself the hassle and have a copy of your hard drive stored somewhere else so you don’t have to worry if your data becomes corrupted

4) Power failures and electric shocks- ever lose a piece of electronic equipment because of a bad thunderstorm?? The beauty of an external hard drive is it does not have to stay plugged in.? It only requires power when you need to use it; after that, just unplug it and your data is still secure.

The advantages of an external device are uncountable.? I could tell hundreds of horror stories about people losing data because they forgot to back it up.

External devices are becoming incredibly cheap now.? Find a drive that matches at least 75% of your current hard drive or includes 150% of how ever much you plan to back up so you do not overload it!