The HTC Droid Incredible was released on April 29th on the Verizon Network and had incredibly high praise and expectations from all the top reviewing parties, including us!? I was privileged enough to get my hands on one for the past two weeks and still, the only words I have for this product are cliche for the name but it is incredible.

I am very critical of an all touchscreen phone that tries to pass itself off as an iPhone competitor.? Most phones that try to pass themselves as iPhone competitors need physical keyboards because I thought nothing could compete with the iPhone touch recognition. The HTC Incredible took my previous notions, chewed them up and spit them out right in front of my own eyes.

Texting😕 The most important feature on a phone today is the keyboard and texting features.? As I said in an earlier post about the HTC Incredible, I am more critical of all touchscreen phones that also pass as smartphones due to the extra email capabilities.? The HTC Incredible has both portrait and landscape layouts which are phenomenal for recognizing which key was hit and the overall word the person is typing; I was able to respond to emails in a matter of minutes and write texts in seconds.

Browsing😕 Multi-touch on the HTC makes browsing feel fun.? Using two fingers to swipe and zoom in and out to view a page better on the HTC causes no lag or ‘checkerboarding’ when scrolling.? It also has a smart zoom feature to auto size columns so if you do zoom in an article you are reading, the entire article will adjust the words so you can read it scrolling up and down and not side to side.

Camera: An 8MP camera is strapped onto the back of the phone with dual flash LED’s.? The phone produces great day shots but have reported trouble with night time pictures.? Some say they have seen a blueish tint to their pictures in comparison to other phones but I haven’t had a problem with this.

Android is slowly building up its rapport in the mobile community and I fully expect it to have doubled by the end of the year.? While Apple boasts over 200,000 applications, Google is not far behind with 50,000 of its own.

If you’re due for an upgrade and are contemplating a new smart phone, look no further than the HTC Incredible.? There is no other phone out there able to compete with the features and backing of Google that the HTC Incredible has.