The new HTC Incredible has finally arrived and was officially released this morning running the new Android 2.1 software.? The new phone has had much praise during its pre-release and has been dubbed the best smartphone device to compete with the iPhone (older versions, the new one has yet to be tested rigorously)

Without sounding too cliche, I took the phone out, started running some of the applications and tested out the keyboard, and honestly the first word out of my mouth was…”incredible.”

The first test I always run on a phone is the keyboard, especially if the phone is touchscreen only.? Most phones today cannot keep up with the fast texting fingers of teenagers across the globe and lag quickly causing frustration or delay in messages.? A smartphone would be placed under more critical review due to the fact that it supports emails which may require longer responses.? I’ve been tough on touchscreen phones in the past and its known that I will usually detract users away from phones strictly based on touch but the HTC Incredible might be in a league of its own.? It kept up with my fast fingers and made responding emails not as bad as I thought.

The next feature that stuck out was the resolution of the phone.? I’ve yet to see a sharper screen look more elegant than this HTC phone and the iPhone.? It plays videos well, displays text very crisp and does not hurt or detract too much attention of the viewers eyes.

IT HAS MULTI-TOUCH CAPABILITIES AND I’M SO EXCITED THAT I’LL USE ALL CAPS TO SAY IT!? Wow, what a great feature to put on new phones today to compete with the iPhone.? The switch from landscape to portrait is effortless and the lack of a lag completes my first round of tests.

Look for a video review of this phone soon, a simple text blog post will do it no justice.