What are your thoughts on the HTC Eris and the touch screen.? I have a phone that has a full real qwerty keyboard and I’ve heard coming over from a phone like that it won’t be comparable and I will be annoyed using the touch screen on the Eris.? Is this true and is it fast enough to keep up?

The HTC Eris has a virtual keyboard and normally I’d be skeptical of switching over entirely from a phone that has a physical keyboard but the word recognition software on the HTC Eris as well as the ability to customize the keyboard is a huge plus with this phone.

The HTC Eris has a capacitive touch screen making it more sensitive and responsive then some of the other touch screen phones out there.? Featuring Google Android OS, it has some great tools for texting.? One of my favorite tools with the HTC Eris specifically is the ability to customize the keyboard to either be a full virtual upright or a compact virtual keyboard (similar to the blackberry storm) or a keypad T9!? For users who are switching from flip phones or just prefer the T9 typing, the HTC Eris has the ability to accompany you’re desires!

My complaint with the touch screen with the Eris is just how it can be slow to respond to some of the key presses, ranging from phone call dialing to speed texting.? With a full keyboard on another phone, each keystroke is actively recorded much faster, but with the virtual keyboard, the HTC Eris seemed to lag if the speed of typing outpaced its ability to record the touch.

I hope the new update to Android 2.0 for the Eris addresses this issue as I view this as one of the biggest/only flaws with the fantastic HTC Eris.