The HTC Eris has carried the reputation of a subtle phone as it’s been overshadowed by the sibling of the Motorola Droid.? The Droid is known for its powerhouse features, heavier feel and Android 2.0 software, but the Eris is surprisingly? an underrated “sleeper.

While the Eris still has Android 1.5 as it’s primary software, it will be getting the upgrade to the newest platform of the Google OS soon.? It sports a centrally located trackball and has a feature that the Droid does not; multitouch.? If I had to choose between the Eris and the Droid on first impressions…I think I’d have to go with the Eris.? Here’s why:

The hardware of the Eris is perfect for the everyday user, it’s compact, slim and lightweight; what more could you want?? The phone feels better in my pocket then any phone I’ve had before and it does not come with the “brick” look.

I love the hardware buttons and location on the HTC Eris.? I wish every phone had the conveniently located and perfectly placed send/end keys, volume rocker and a great combination of home touch options.? This phone will automatically lock by pressing one button to prevent pocket dials or other unwanted usage.? The buttons are small enough that they do not draw much space or attention at first view, but large enough that you can use any part of your finger and easily tap it for a response.? The track ball makes browsing applications, dates and smaller fonts on websites much more easy they it is with a sole touchscreen.

I was very impressed with the multitouch.? I’ve been critical with multitouch on Verizon phones (or lack there of) but I plan on doing an entire post on this, so I’ll save my thoughts for that.

On first impression, the Eris has a great look, a great feel and just gives off a very “sexy” vibe.? Give it a look when you’re in stores.