In today’s world of fast processors and huge hard drives, most new computers seem to be very similar to one another.? Peripheral devices and other I/O devices are the new way to beef up your PC as well as separate you from the pack!

The HP ZR30w is the new slim, sexy and affordable 30″ monitor from HP that will knock your socks off.? Not only is the picture quality incredible, it couples very advanced features with a simple-easy-to use interface that novice to geek users can appreciate.

Hardware Design: The HP 30″ screen is a very well designed monitor from HP with a simple interface for all users.? The 4 push buttons on the bottom of the monitor are primarily for on/off, picking a source input and adjusting brightness…you would imagine there would be a lot more things to press and adjust on a $1,200 piece of hardware.? While some technologists would give a thumbs down here, I actually prefer this design.? Calibration can all be done through software on a PC, so there is no need to clutter what you are looking at with on-screen buttons or an entire row of ugly rectangular text on the bottom of the monitor.

I was impressed by how slim the monitor was all put together.? The bezel the monitor sits on looks like it would collapse holding a 20″ monitor but the snap-to-lock swivel does a great job with rotations and minor adjustments.? Unfortunately the monitor cannot be turned into portrait mode which is a negative, but I never use that feature so I’m not going to fault the monitor there.? If you’re someone who prefers having the ability to flip in between those modes, put your money elsewhere.

HP included the power supply inside the screen so there is no power brick to hide on your desk once this thing is on.? I hate looking at wires and having a cluttered work space, so I support having the monitor be a bit bulkier so long as I did not have to have wires and power supplies lying all over the place.

Picture/Video Quality: The ZR30w is a S-IPS screen with the ability to display over 1.07 billion colors on the screen.? For those of you who might not understand this terminology, I like to break down the S-IPS into: sexy-in-person-screen.

As most of my reviews go, I rarely like to test and measure its performance with benchmarks and hue saturation color schemes, blah blah blah.? I hooked up my computer, played some HD movies, did some photo editing, used it to surf the internet and other real application stuff that I believe this monitor would be used for.? Professionals already choose this monitor for its large 2560×1600 WQXGA capability, so I really don’t need to go into the nitty gritty. (If you really want to hear benchmarks: this thing passed with flying colors!)

HD movie play back is flawless on this screen.? I loved the large resolution that the monitor provide, especially in programs like Photoshop and Lightroom.? Not only were the details of each pixel perfect, I think people will appreciate the ability to comfortably fit two open windows side by side to be more productive rather than switching between screens.

Other: One problem I do have with this monitor is the lack of video inputs.? While it does boast 5 USB 2.0 slots (pretty impressive), the screen only has the ability for 1 DVI input and 1 display port, both are HDCP compliant.? I was a bit bummed when I could not hook up an HDMI input for a gaming console or another video input…pretty big disappointment for me there on this screen.? At the price point where this is marketed, it should have more than just those two inputs.

Conclusion: I love the monitor for the size, simplicity and very sleek look.? I think its at an affordable price point for a monitor of its size, but it has some flaws that I think HP should address, especially for a monitor over the $1,000 price range.? The lack of inputs on this screen almost makes it a deal breaker for me, and the fact that you cannot rotate the monitor more than a few degrees is a bit sad.

I have to give credit to a incredible display for the colors, contrast ratio and calibration software settings.? If you’re looking for a monitor that will provide a real stunning quality, look no further than this screen.? It communicates directly with your video card to provide some advanced collaboration between the two which shows a monitor that will not become obsolete within 6 months to a year.? I am a huge supporter of technology that will not become obsolete within 6 months of purchase so I give my blessing to those who are salivating at the idea to buy this screen.? Just make sure you are OK with some of the flaws that come with it…

Side note: After having some difficulties with this monitor on a Macbook Pro, I suggest this monitor really be used with Windows based PC’s.

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