With the computing world moving towards compact desktops, or touch responsive devices, HP’s new line of Touchsmart PC’s and AIO (All-In-One) computers have found a nice niche in the market.

Earlier in the year we reviewed the HP Touchsmart 9100 which had some very cool features for a touch screen device.? HP sent us the 100B All In One machine featuring AMD’s new Fusion CPU and Radeon HD 6310 graphics, which surprisingly has a nice performance rating for its low price point.

The base model of the HP 100B AIO, which we reviewed, starts at only $499.? This is critically important to consider when you take into account the features and size this machine offers.

Note: An All-In-One (AIO) machine is a computer where everything is built into the monitor of the machine.? There is no desktop tower or other separate components for the computer, which makes these types of devices extremely attractive for those looking to keep a clutter free desk or only have a limited space to operate.

Hardware: HP teamed up with AMD to put the new low energy and high power Fusion CPU chip as the backboard of this PC.? Coupled with a discrete HD 6310, the computer had no problem playing and streaming video content via the web (during March Madness so you can better understand the rigor of the the exhaustive testing process).? The 20″ display goes up to a 1600X900 resolution and it ships with 2GB of ram (up to 8GB) and a 250 GB hard drive (up to a 750GB if needed).? The hardware includes 6 USB ports as well as a SuperMulti Lightscribe DVD Writer which was an ultra slim drive.
The stock keyboard with this machine is important to comment on, with multimedia buttons built in.? It was handy and convenient to control the machine from the keyboard without having to hook up a separate and more expensive keyboard.

Design: The design of this machine is very attractive for the low price point.? The 20″ display is almost impossible to find at a sub $500 price today.? While there are plenty of computers that might have a 17″ or a 19″ monitor, I can assure you, they do not look as nice as this screen, plus they would ship with a clunky desktop tower that would have to sit somewhere hogging up more space.? Laptops are becoming cheap, but if you have a tight budget, the 100B will out preform any laptop you could buy at the same price range.

The ports for this machine are primarily located on the back of the machine, minus the DVD drive located on the side, which makes for an easy way to hide the wires from the power brick as well as the I/O peripherals.? The 4 USB ports on the back were a little close together to have 2 or 3 thumb drives plugged in, and the 2 USB ports on the side were a bit hidden due to the ventilation slots of the computer.

Performance: The HP 100B AIO is not a gaming device, a powerful processing machine or a super computer.? HP’s main target for this machine is entry level computing with the ability to have a large viewing capacity at a relatively low price range.? It will be a wonderful machine for someone who needs to do a little more work than just emails and word processing, with the ability to handle video content.? I personally view its performance as a great computer for the elderly (due to the large size and limited number of parts) or a family computer for the kitchen/living room desk!? This computer can be a great tool for small business users looking to replace their administrative assistants ugly workstations.

Misc: Similar to many of their products, HP backs this computer with a 1 year, next day on site tech support with the same warranty for the hardware.? The power brick also comes rated as a 90W device and the entire computer weighs in at just around 11 lbs.

Overall: The HP 100B AIO is a great entry level machine for the low $499 price range.? This machine will not be the power packing punch you need, but its a nice step up for an email and word processing device that you might have around the house as your family computer.

The low power CPU with better graphics support coupled with a large 20″ screen is a hard combo to beat on the market.? I highly suggest you take a look at this computer if you’re in the market, it just might be exactly what you’re looking for.