Are you struggling to find unread emails that people “claim to send” to you because your inbox is too cluttered?

Gmail is a very powerful email client and with great power comes great features (or something like that).? Use Gmail’s filters to separate out completely new and unread emails so you can respond to things much faster.

On top of that, learn how to manage folders or create some so you can be more productive and less cluttered in your email inbox!

The easiest way of viewing unread emails in Gmail is to click the button to the left of the Archive button.? It looks like a tiny rectangle option.? Use this button to select all emails or click the arrow to select the Unread only emails.

Like magic all the other read and opened emails will disappear and you will be left with an open and free email inbox.

You could create labels which will separate and add a new level of filtering to your emails by using the “create” labels on the left task sidebar.? Select an individual email and use the “Move To” to move that email to that category and once again have more ways to filter out your emails.

Remove the clutter from your inbox!? You’ll find how much quicker and easier it is to use your email!