Firefox, like many other browsers, allows users to save their passwords to certain websites that are frequently visited to conveniently allow quicker login times.? Saving passwords is also an able tool that tons of online users will resort to so they do not have to worry about forgetting a password or confusing one login information with another.

The two main issues I have with this approach is 1) another user on your computer would have the ability to login to all of your most secret information and 2) what happens if you uninstall the software or reformat your computer?

The other day, I did a post on how to backup bookmarks in Firefox to transfer to another computer or to prevent losing bookmarks in case of a hard drive failure.

If you’re planning on reformatting your computer, you may want to view your passwords again and write them down temporarily while your computer formats your drive.? Additionally you may want to avoid ‘saved’ passwords all together so use this method to get a refresh on which accounts have which password!

Firefox is unique as most other browsers such as Internet Explorer do not allow users to view saved passwords.? Personally I think Firefox should take a page out of Internet Explorer’s playbook here, but some people may like it the other way around.

Open Firefox and navigate to the Tools > Options > Security > Saved Passwords > Show Passwords.? A screen like the one below will appear with any login information you allowed Firefox to save:

While there are third party apps or plugins that can do the same feature, I would shy away from those methods because you never truly can be sure where that data goes or what else might be bundled with that software!