Ever forget a website that you visited a couple days ago? Wish you would’ve book marked it so you could return to it later?

There is always the option of Googling keywords and phrases that you remember on the site to see if it indexed, but that’s not always a guaranteed method because there are thousands and thousands of websites that most likely share the same name!

Learn how to view your internet history which can show you all the websites you’ve browsed!

Internet Explorer will generally keep your history for about 20 days before it starts to over right the last day of data.? You can always change that by using the Internet Options menu under the Tools section in the navigation bar up top.

To view your Internet History, open up your browser and click on that gold star at the top (users of IE 7 and IE 8).? This star represents your favorites but also has a tab for “History.”

Click on that tab and it will open up a panel where you can sort by the day or week of which websites were visited.? I recommend you either up the amount of days it will store or make a habit of bookmarking websites!? Use the Cntl+B to bookmark a page quickly or Cntl+Shift+B to open up the bookmark manager and sort/organize your websites!

Make sure you remove those websites and clear your history after purchases for the holidays before the family geek discovers their gift early!