Hi, I just installed Boot Camp and Windows XP on my Macbook and I don’t know how to use the right click to edit things like my display properties or eject a CD out of my disk drive.? Can someone tell me how to do this?? Thanks.

The Macbook never came with a dedicated right click button so unless you have an external mouse plugged in, you’ll have to use the hot keys method to right click.? Here’s how to right click in boot camp:

In order to use the right click in boot camp, place two fingers on the touch pad and then use another finger to click on the pad as well.? It will bring up the right click option if there is one available.

If you have questions about installing drivers or other short cuts you can use in Windows, check out Apple’s installation guide here.

I recommend you use a generic USB or wireless mouth in bootcamp- it makes using the operating system much easier then trying to work the trackpad!