If you use files on a network, you understand how troubling it can be when the network goes down or you want to work offline at another location!

Windows 7 makes it easy for home or business users to take their online network content with them on the go, and makes the synchronization seamless when they connect back on!

If you’re using Windows 7, learn how to enable offline files below.

The main thing to remember with offline files is to just have it enabled.? Once it is enabled, it will make a copy of the files you are working on to your local drive so you can continue to edit or reference them off the network.? Once you desire to go back online, the files will be automatically synchronized together so both the network copy and the local copy on your machine are the same work!

To enable offline files, open your start menu using the Windows 7 start button on the task bar.? Almost a tick above, in the search bar, type in “Offline Files,” and wait for the search results to open.

Click on Manage Offline Files with a green arrowed icon on the left and the first option allows the user to click to Enable Offline files.? Simply select that and go through any account permission settings you have to and then click OK at the bottom to confirm.

Note: After you enable to files to be offline, the bottom to buttons are enabled which allow you to open the files that you are using offline or check how they will sync back into the network and if there any changes that will not synchronize or will create errors on the merge.? The best practice when merging two files is to have a back up of both, try and merge, and if it is unsuccessful you still have both copies.