Hi, I had a friend tag a photo of me on Facebook and I want to untag myself from it.? How do I do it so that it will not show up in my pictures?

Tagged photos on Facebook is a bit annoying because you have to constantly make sure your friends do not tag anything silly or inappropriate.

In order to keep your photos organized, you can utilize the untag option for photos on Facebook.

Log in to your account and move to your profile page.

Open your pictures by clicking under the link beneath your profile picture (usually has a number of how many tagged pictures there are of you).

Look for your name in the picture, scrolling over your name will reveal the part of the photo tagged as you but the entire picture appears in your photo roll, not just that rectangular square.

At the bottom, you have the option to the right of your name to “untag” the photo.? Click on it and confirm your choice.? It should untag you from the photo and it wlil not create any awkward messages back to your friend!