I get tons of emails a day from unwanted companies and stores that I signed up for a long time ago.? Is there anyway that I can go to a website and stop these emails?? I tried replying back to them but it says that it is not a valid email address to respond to?? Please help me gain control over my email accounts again!

Unwanted mail, even from companies or stores you shop at become incredibly annoying as it takes control of your inbox and shadows over your other real emails that get deleted by accident.? If you’re having trouble with too much spam email, try these tips to stop the emails coming in currently and prevent future trouble.

1) Unsubscribe from emails that are taking over your inbox.? At the bottom of every email, there should be an “unsubscribe” option in the smallest possible font.? It might even try to blend in the background but most companies and stores will include this link.? It will bring you to a website page where should be able to resubmit your email address to be removed from the mailing list.

2) Read fine print when ordering on websites!? Most of the stores and companies will automatically check off the box that will subscribe you to unwanted emails for promotions and other news which can be all found on hot deals forums and websites.

Just like fine print on TV infomercials, website that try to? sell products will have similar small print that will share your personal information unless you tell them not to!? Become a smarter online user and read the fine print and terms of service before giving out any of your info.? Protect your email address like you would a telephone number.