Are you confused about your internet speed?? Thinking about moving your home service provider to another company but are you still a bit unsure about if you are really getting a better bang for your buck?

Internet speeds can be a bit confusing at first but it takes a brief 5 minutes to understand exactly what you are paying for.

Companies today either provide DSL, cable or satellite internet connections.? Most users fall in the first two groups with satellite mainly used for people in remote locations of the globe.

There is tons of information to understand about internet speed but I’m only going to give a brief crash course on the basics of it.? Like anything, its good to have a brief overview of what you are paying for as it can still help you to make educated decisions.

Your internet connection is primarily broken up into two paths: download and upload.? The download speed reflects the direction of the data you are using by its name of “down” which means coming to your computer.? Upload is the opposite direction, hence with the name “up.”

Download speeds are usually much larger than upload speeds since most people are primarily downloading information and rarely uploading.? Today, download speeds range from around 1.5 to 12 mbps (unit of measurement for bandwidth) for home users.? Whether it be cable or DSL (shared server on your street usually for cable or dedicated line for DSL), you’re significantly going to hear download speeds when offered a new package.

While some users like to argue that you would always get a faster speed with cable, DSL has its advantages with a dedicated line so you should experience a more constant and reliable internet connection.