I am currently running Windows XP and cannot run defrag or restore.

A schedule defrag of your computer is very important to keep your machine running up to speed, but it’s frustrating when it wont work! What you most likely have is some background tasks that are not allowing you to run the system restore or defrag. Try these simple steps and you should be back in no time:

The background task could be any number of processes that are ongoing. It sounds like you haven’t cleaned out some old software from your computer and have tons of programs starting up when your computer boots up.

Windows has a special tool called “MSCONFIG.” You will use this to help troubleshoot your problems with your computer as MSCONFIG is used to ensure that your computer boots faster and crashes less. It allows you to see what programs startup at boot time and lets you remove some of these processes.

For Windows XP, select Start > Run> type in “msconfig” and hit Enter. Look for the startup tab at the top right and go through the programs and look for ones that are software that you have installed that is not necessary to load at boot (ex. photo software, AIM, iTunes…etc.) Reboot your machine and try the defrag/restore

If that does not work, reboot your machine and press/hold the F8 key at the startup (if that does not work, repeatedly tap during boot) until a Windows Advanced Options Screen appears. Select Safe Mode (first option usually) and try the defrag/restore in Safe Mode.

This should take care of your issue, good luck!