I just bought a new computer that is going to be coming with Windows 7, but it will have none of my data on it.? How do I transfer all of my files like my music and videos and pictures and word documents to the new computer?? I don’t have a wireless network or anything nor do I have that many DVD’s to burn my data onto and I only have a small 512mb USB key which wont be able to hold a lot.? Please help!

With the release of Windows 7 just around the corner, its a perfect time to be buying the tools to get your old PC’s data onto the new machine.? Moving files through a network, USB key or even CD/DVD are all valid methods but are slow and tedious and can take up your entire day.

I’ve done some searching and found a great product from Belkin that allows you to transfer all your files seemlessly and faster then any method you’ve heard of before!? It’s been designed for the Microsoft Windows Easy Transfer utility and comes with software to help those users who may not be technically advanced.

The Belkin Easy Transfer Cable for Windows 7 is a “quick, easy way to transfer your files, user accounts, and settings to get your new Windows 7 PC up and running.”

Not only will it transfer your files and data, it will send over any of your user preferences, settings, account controls, email files, messages and contacts.? This 8 foot cable is all you need to migrate your old computer to your new one in a matter of minutes.? For those of you tech’s out there, the transfer cable boasts a speed of 480Mbps and is made for both 32 and 64 bit.

The cable comes with software that has onscreen instructions for users who may need assistance in understanding what to transfer.? After your transfer is complete, you’ll be able to view a comprehensive report on the details of what has been transferred including settings and other account controls.

The cable is available a day after the release of Windows 7 (Oct. 23 for the release of the cable) and is set to retail at $39.99…a small price to pay for an easy migration of all your data without the headache or worry you missed something.