I have bought a new computer with Windows Vista installed on it.? What is the easiest way to transfer everything (basically my old files, like my music and documents) from my old computer that has Windows XP to the new one which has Vista?? Do I have to do anything because they are different operating systems?

Transferring over old files to a new system is the most actively self preformed upgrade when a new computer is bought.? Unfortunately, many people are unaware of how easy it is to back up, transfer over and reintegrate these old files into their new settings.? Follow some of the steps below and you should be running on your new machine with faster speeds but still hold your old files and valuable data.

First, I recommend using a large external hard drive to transfer over your data.? It is fast, efficient, easy and inexpensive with a large upside use for the future.? They are very mainstream in all computer and tech stores so pick one up if you might not have one around!? Just drag and drop your files onto the external drive (I suggest creating a new folder such as ?Old Computer Documents?) or you could even just back up your data with individual folders for computers with multiple users.? Doing it this way creates a backup of data if any crash or problem occurs with the new machine.

After your hard data is backed up from the Documents folders, browse the C:/Program Files and look for programs such as picture editors/downloaders or other software (even tax preparing programs) to see if they have saved copies of data that might be thrown into the folder where the program itself is installed.? This is the most forgotten place to search for data!!

My next and final advice for users who are making the transfer is to backup your old bookmarks!? Tons of computer users do not know that bookmarks are transferable from computer to computer!? Go under your bookmarks tab and look for the Organize Bookmarks settings and/or a way to Export your bookmarks!? Once you get to the new computer, simply import the file and your old bookmarks will be there!

Last step: Enjoy your new computer.