I just upgraded to Vista/Windows Mail and now I need to transfer my old email folders from my previous program, Outlook Express in Windows XP…how is this done?

People always forget about setting up their e-mail clients when they migrate over to a new computer and lose the preferences and folder setup instantly.

To move over from Outlook Express to Windows Live, we’ll export your old settings and import them to your new program fairly quickly!

 Read more on How to Transfer Email from Outlook Express to Windows LiveThe first step is to open Outlook Express and navigate in the menu bar to Tools and then Options. Next, look for the Maintenance tab and click the Store Folder button on the bottom left hand corner. If you have a lot of emails, this will take some time for the new window to open up.

Once the window opens up, copy the link location path of where your emails are stored. Navigate in an open Windows Explorer to the link and move your emails to another location and open up Windows Live.

In Windows Live, in the menu bar, navigate to File and then Import>>Messages. It will prompt you to select your version of Outlook. Choose to Import mail from an OE6 store director and then click OK.

Verify that path is where you moved your emails too, hit Next, and then select to import all folders.

Sit back, relax and let Windows Mail do the rest. In a matter of time all your mail should be in the Imported Folder!