Windows 7 was a great update to the Windows OS platform.? Not only did this new software update a lot of security issues and make the computer a bit more user friendly, it came packaged with some really great and useful tools that can help simplify common and useful tasks.

One of the tools I use most, when writing tutorials or even other reports for work, is taking a screen shot of my entire desktop window or just a quick shot of a window I may have open.? Windows 7 includes a Snipping Tool built into the new OS!

To open the tool click on your Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories and then look for the Snipping Tool.

A small window will pop up on the screen!? Keep your eyes peeled, this window will be very tiny compared to the large windows you may have opened.

To take a screenshot, simply hit the New button with a pair of scissors next to it.? You could change the default (rectangular snip) to a free form draw, a window snapshot (so it will not include your taskbar) or a full screen shot which would be exactly the screen you are looking at.

This tool is very helpful even here on our forums!? Send your tech pictures of the error messages you may be receiving or problems and programs you may be suspicious about!

The snipping tool is very light and because it is built into Windows 7, it comes with no security risks or bloatware software.