Your phones contact list is becoming more and more important as we strive towards a mobile world.? We are stating to deal with more business on our phones and tablets than our computers, so the central contract list we hold on our smartphones, like our iPhone are vital and a loss of data could be catastrophic.

If you have an iPhone and you are trying to save and sync your contacts to a new computer, follow these instructions to avoid losing any of your contacts.

The first step is making sure your iTunes is authorized with your iPhone.? An authorized iTunes account means to have the same email address and password that you have on your iPhone so it can properly authorize any sync and backup procedures with your iPhone.


To verify that your computer is authorized, start iTunes and navigate to the Store tab at the top of the program.? Select Authorize This Computer and enter in your email and password combination that you use on your iPhone app store.

Authorize Computer

After the Account has been authorized (you can only have only 5 computer hooked up to the same account) plug in your iPhone and navigate to the Info tab.

Info Tab

You’ll find the first option in the tab to sync contacts.? If this is a new computer, and you select to sync and apply the new settings, it will give you the option to replace contacts or merge.? Selecting to Replace will wipe out all of your contacts with the contacts on your computer, so in this case, we want to Merge the contacts so anything on your computer will be merged with what you have on your iPhone.

Merge Info

After iTunes backups your current configuration, it will merge all your iPhone contacts with your existing contacts on your computer, whether it be Outlook or even Address Book on a Mac.? You can also select to sync these contacts with your mail accounts, such as Google, which will? keep even another copy of your contacts in case of a hard drive failure or a mistaken wipe!