Recently removed some programs I was not using through Add/Remove Programs.
Upon restart I get a pop up error “bcmwltry.exe – Unable to Locate Component”
The system starts and seems to run fine, but the error will not go away.
Pressing OK just makes it pop up again in a new window.
Anyone know how to stop this?

It’s not uncommon to receive this error after some going through the add/remove menu and taking out old programs you might not use. By doing this, you’ve removed a piece of software that is needed by one of your network devices.

Try this to resolve it:

The bcmwltry.exe is the process for the Broadcom Corporation Wireless Network software. This process gives you access to the software related the product and can be removed to free up system resources. The good thing is that it is not a security risk!

Look for the Tray Applet for the Broadcom Corporation in the add/remove programs and uninstall that. After, reboot and reconnect your wireless adapter during the process. If needed, reinstall the software to get back on to the internet.