Hi, I just bought a new microphone for my PC, but every time I try to use it I get a lot of feedback.? It’s pretty close and connected to the computer so I don’t see why it will not work.? I can hear anyone talking to me through the speakers very clear but when I try to talk back, it gives me a lot of feedback.? Please help!

Amicrophonehh, I wish that companies who manufactured PC components included better instructions for their consumers.? While you may have your microphone plugged in correctly into the right port on your PC, there may be a couple reasons why you are receiving feedback from it while trying to use it.? Lets try troubleshooting this problem with a couple solutions to fix your feedback problem.

The first part to check is the connection into your computer.? Make sure your microphone wire is securely fixed into the port in the back of your PC (or wherever your Mic In port is) and that it is in the right color; most computers today associate the color red with recording.? If it is even a tiny bit loose, you will hear some feedback for the lack of proper connection between the port and the wire.

Next, check the distance between your speakers and the microphone.? If your computer speakers are too close to the microphone, you can also receive feedback.? Experiment with moving your microphone at distance intervals to determine if your feedback reception is getting better or worse.

The last step is to try another microphone or the same microphone in a different computer.? Faulty hardware is always present regardless of how advanced our technology is!