Ebay is a wonderful tool; you can buy items at a fractional cost or sell unwanted junk to people who will pay top dollar for it!? Ebay can be more powerful for the average user if you know how to properly navigate and unlock its hidden properties.? It also helps to understand the scams and how to avoid buying something that is a refurbished product or might not “be exactly what the title says.”

If you’re an avid ebayer, you might find some of the tools below helpful to increase your win percentage!

I’d like to start by covering the scams of Ebay.? There are more scams than legitimate items on Ebay (in my opinion) as I qualify anything as a scam as misrepresentation of a product.

The biggest scam is typos or not clearly stating the item condition.? The first thing before I even read the description of an item is look at the sellers rating on the right.

While the feedback does not have to always be 99.9%, it should be in the higher 90’s especially if the Ebayer has lower amount of feedback given determined by the number to the right of his name.? The lower the number of ratings, the higher the percentage should be.? Always read some of the feedback from the sellers who have previously bought from this ebayer!? To read only the negative feedback, use Toolhaus.

BE SURE TO CAREFULLY READ THE DESCRIPTION OF THE ITEM.? If you buy an item that is flawed and it is not stated in the description, then you have a 100% bulletproof case to take up with Paypal or Ebay about a bad seller and have a good chance to get your money back.? If you open a case about an item that arrives and it is dead but the item description in the bottom right in small print clearly states “item is not working, for parts only,” then you can certainly kiss your money goodbye.

The best hidden tool that most Ebayers are unaware of are sniping scripts or websites!? Confused on the term sniping?? An ebay snipe is using a script or program to bid in the final seconds to secure a bidding victory!? Ever wonder how you’re watching an item and with 2 seconds left you are the winning bid and then all of a sudden you lost?? Try gixen for free- its pretty easy to use and you can set up a max bid of what you’re willing to ‘snipe’ to!

Try these out- let us know how it goes for you.? Happy hunting.