I just bought a new Blackberry Tour but I’m unsure on how to setup an email shortcut from my Yahoo! account to come to my Blackberry.? Do I have to pay to unlock it on Yahoo! or can I just get it straight from my browser or will it come automatically?? Thanks for your help!

Blackberries are the cell phones of the future and I hope you’re enjoying yours.? I have some great news regarding your question; not only is it very easy to setup an email account to forward to your Blackberry, it’s also free and quick!

Let’s try these step by step directions to get your phone setup and ready to receive your Yahoo! email.

Normally, to unlock your Yahoo! Mail to Yahoo! Mail Plus, you’d have to pay a yearly $19.99 fee to allow POP3 access.? The beauty of a Blackberry is the ability to have IMAP support for free (aside from the monthly cost your carrier charges you).

First, hit the Blackberry key located to the left of your trackball and navigate down to the Setup menu which is the icon with the green wheel on it.

Click that folder and select the middle icon that says Email Settings.

Choose the preference that says Yahoo! and click Add.? You’ll be prompted to enter in your user ID and password.? Make sure you do not add the “@yahoo” after your user ID.? It will take a couple seconds but after it will pop out an icon somewhere in your full menu that you can move to the home screen.? It normally takes around 20 minutes to receive your first new email but once you start receiving them on your phone, you can select to delete them on the handset AS WELL as in the mailbox online which is my personal favorite feature about these phones.