Everyone sends links over the internet and unfortunately people click on them too trustingly.? To be honest, I scan links from some of my closest friends as their computers could be compromised and viruses could be sending false links using their email accounts without them knowing.

If you’ve ever received a link and were suspicious about it, it’s better to be safe than sorry and scan the link/source to identify if the URL could be harmful to your machine.? In previous years, one solution would be to download a file and then scan it with a local anti-virus but why even put your computer at that risk…scan it online!

VirusTotal.com is a website to bookmark!? Not only can you upload files for the website to scan, but you can submit URL’s and links to identify if the source or content is safe to download or navigate to.

Simply copy the link (right click for most computers and locate “copy hyperlink” and then navigate to VirusTotal.com.? On the main page, move the tab to Submit a URL and CNRL+V (paste) that link in the box.? Click submit and allow it to verify the results.

Once the website is done with the link to check and verify if it matches with a maliciously known website, it will output the results.? Most likely the URL will be safe, but once in a while you’ll save yourself a ton of problems!