How do I transfer My Favorites folder to my flash drive? ?I have been trying and nothing is happening.? I want to move it from one computer to the next and backup my favorites folder.

If you would like to back up your favorite websites from your browser, you can back up the links straight in the folder on your computer.? Backing up the entire folder promises to save your folder on an external drive in case anything happens to the websites you saved and/or allows you to put your favorite websites on another computer!

To back up your drive to an external source, plug the USB drive into your computer and wait until it appears in your My Computer folder.? Next, open another Explorer window and find the Documents and Settings folder located by the user name in the Explorer window.? Click on your user name and look for the folder that has a star on it and says “My Favorites.”

Copy and paste the folder to your external drive, or right click and use the Send To button with selecting the USB drive as the source.

Your folder will be backed up which has all your links and saved websites which you can now drag and drop to another computer in the same location as where you extracted the folder and it will automatically add your bookmarks to the browser!