Ever use a public computer to check email or view some private data that involves a user name and password?? I’m sure you have felt paranoid at some point and always double check to make sure you are completely logged out

Avoid that paranoia and try running a browser completely off your thumb USB drive to avoid storing any data on a public machine!

Operator is a great program to download and extract on your thumb drive.? It only takes a few megabytes and will run an entire browser off your thumb drive and will not store any information on anyone else’s computer.

It takes a little more time than a normal browser (sometimes almost twice as long) but since the internet speeds are usually fast enough, it should still be a decent load time.

I would take the double load time speed for the added security especially when using a computer at the library or even a friends house.? It’s not that I might not trust that person specifically but how do I know their computer is completely secure and they don’t have any infections already that might be keylogging or what not!

Try it out and load it on your drive the next time before you step out!