I get tons of emails in my inbox that are fake and are very spammy.? I want to get these guys in trouble and report them somewhere…how do I do this?

In this generation, spam through is widespread.? Almost instantly when you sign up for an email address, you can bet you’ll be getting some spam in the next couple weeks; its almost inevitable.? Some report that Bill Gates gets around 4 million spam emails a day!? In order to fight this problem, you can make a difference and report the emails you’re receiving to try and get them shut down.

It is important for you to report SPAM when you see it. The SpamCop blocking list is an aggressive spam-fighting tool that proves its nature to defeat spam. The blocking list is a list of IP addresses that have been reported as spam.? Not only does it block the name of the email, but also the IP address the Spammer used.? This can help identify internet crimes, such as phishing, scamming, and malicious advertising.

Over half of all spam is proven to lead you to a bad/malicious site.? Look at some of the emails you receive and notice how the advertisement in the email leads to something else that is totally unrelated.

SpamCop.net is the place to report spam. SpamCop sends a warning to the suspicious spammers, and the problem with the spammers gets taken care of. Since the creation of SPAM and spamming is so persistent, you are encouraged to report any type of SPAM to SpamCop.net. SpamCop allows you to register for a free reporting service.

You can also report SPAM to the FTC and any Internet Crime should be reported to the Internet Crime Complaint Center.