I am going nuts trying to fix my PC.? My boot up is taking an eternity. It basically is stuck at the blue screen phrase between Windows is starting up and loading your personally
preferences and keeps booting with errors on missing files. I have Windows XP, what should I do?

It looks as if Windows is taking a while to boot and then giving you errors on the issue that state missing system files means something happened to the core Windows XP files and they need to be re-installed.? To do this, we’ll do a repair installation of Windows XP which should get you’re files back on to the computer and remove this error while speeding up your boot time.

The first step before a repair installation is to backup your data.? A repair installation will NOT format your hard drive or remove any programs but whenever you deal with a situation involving your core system files, you never can predict 100% that everything will go smoothly.

Once you’ve made a backup of your data, insert the Windows XP disk that came with your computer and run the setup wizard if you’re going to do a new installation.? When you get to the screen asking you to choose the old version of Windows on your computer, you can choose the option to repair it rather then wipe it.? For a detailed guide on how to perform a repair installation of Windows XP, please visit this site here.

Let the computer run the repair installation; it may take up to an hour or so.? It will put on any original system files to your computer so you will have to update and service packs and important updates it does not include.

After the installation is complete, you should have removed the error and taken care of the issue that causes your computer to hang!? Run a Microsoft Update and verify all your system data is where you left it!